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Every Moment Counts Everything Is Possible (Revisi)

Everyone Is #1

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The spirit behind the title of this book is STRONG and VERY POSITIVE. The title is not “Everyone CAN BE #1”. The title is a very affirmative statement that “Everyone IS #1”. This means that everyone is BORN #1. We just have to carry think, walk, talk, plan, act and behave AS #1. And #1 is are always positive, optimistic, thinking ahead, thinking of “what’s next”…. The title is not “SOME PEOPLE Are #1”. The title is a very inclusive statement that “EVERYONE Is #1”.


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Dimensi : 16 x 19 cm
Bahasa : Bahasa Indonesia
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Berat : 500 gram
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Everyone Is #1
Everyone Is #1

Rp.32,400 Rp.64,800

Everyone Is #1

Rp.32,400 Rp.64,800

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