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Million Dollar Dream

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Million Dollar Dream tells the classic story of girl meets world with the conventional rags-to-richess approach. But there’s nothing conventional about the way Merry Riana approaches life and conquers her own fears and doubts to achieve great success at the young age of 26. The book chronicles Merry Riana’s life as a young child, a teenager,and a young woman who must learn to be independent and resourceful. Following the infamous May 1998 riots in her hometown of Jakarta, Indonesia, Merry’s journey took her to Singapore’s bustling city state that would soon change her outlook on life and drive her to do the seemingly impossible: achieve ¬ nancial freedom before the age of thirty! Was it wishful thinking? For some people, yes. But not for Merry. Her courage, tenacity, resilience, hard work and determination are admirable for anyone to have at any age, but for someone to have these qualities in their early twenties — it is nothing short of miraculous. And this book, Million Dollar Dream, will prove to you that the concept of mind-over-body, of believing in the power of your dreams ... is real. She made her¬ first million dollar at the age of twenty six years old. Can you do the same? Yes, you can.


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Dimensi : 16 x 19 cm
Bahasa : Bahasa Indonesia
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Million Dollar Dream
Million Dollar Dream

Rp.77,500 Rp.155,000

Million Dollar Dream

Rp.77,500 Rp.155,000

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